About us

What is this Course about?

I believe everyone who is reading this already knows the importance of learning Arabic Language. So, I do not find it is necessary to discuss this topic here.

Because Allah has already made the Quran easy for taking guidance and hence Arabic is also made easy. This curriculum is designed in such a way that anyone who has a basic education (from school, college, or Madrasa) can easily understand and learn the fundamentals of Quranic within a month.

This course is solely focused on understanding Classical Arabic / Quranic Arabic. So that we can understand the Quran & Hadith texts. And will not focus on conversational Arabic.

The class will be held in Bangla but the course materials are in English, so the Student need to have a basic understanding of English also.

Our teaching Method

✓ Even the most difficult concepts can be successfully taught by breaking them down to simple, easy to grasp components step by step.

✓ Every lesson that is taught is directly tied to better appreciating the Qur’an so that students constantly get the sense they aren’t just progressing in Arabic, they are progressing in their direct connection with the Qur’an. There is no greater sense of accomplishment or motivator to help students continue their learning path.

✓ Each example, exercise and discussion used in the class further the objective of the student; to understand the Qur’an better.

✓ Though terminology is taught, concepts behind the terms is emphasized in the class far more than the terminology labeling it.

✓ Students need motivation, encouragement, support, humor, a relaxed environment and a compelling sense of purpose and accomplishment along their journey in order to succeed in their learning.

✓ With Classical Arabic studies in particular, the hardest part is gaining a solid foundation. This method ensures that the fundamentals are taught on an aggressive and intensive schedule. This is done because if the foundational material is spread out over time, the student ends up having weaker retention and is also not able properly distinguish between foundational knowledge and what is built on top of it. Students build this foundational knowledge in a short amount of time giving them a massive boost in confidence and also ensuring that they can take a relaxed approach for more advanced levels without losing retention. Strong roots ensure a strong tree.

Our Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to help you make real progress in Arabic and Qur’an at the same time. It is broken up into Six major units.

  1. The Fundamentals of Nahw

  2. The Fundamentals of Sarf

  3. Advanced Sarf

  4. Advanced Nahw

  5. Balaghah

  6. Grammatical Analysis of the Quran

After each Unit we will try to cover a portion of the Quran and discuss the Nahw & Sarf rules we learned during the class.